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Explaining Your Healthy Lifestyle to Those Who Don’t Understand

Healthy Meal Prep

I could make this blog short and sweet and end it right here, one sentence, with this:


You don’t have to explain or defend your healthy choices to anyone, especially the critic.

First off, congratulations!

You’re doing something that millions upon millions of Americans aren’t strong enough or motivated enough to do….(yet).

You’re drinking bone broth, trying to prep your meals, cutting out sugar. You’re bringing your own meals to communal gatherings and tracking your water intake.

You’re doing your best to hit the gym and make your workouts count. You’re choosing to spend your money on organic produce instead of cable or the latest fashion trends.

You’re making decisions, many that are much different from the others around you.

Be proud of that.

Many don’t understand you and many never will, and that’s okay. Be proud because you are taking charge of your health. 

It’s easy to pick up fast food and it’s easy to skip the gym to watch your favorite show on Netflix, but it takes discipline to do what you’re doing.

Discipline determines destiny. *Not my quote, but wish it was!*

And you’re rewriting your destiny with each healthy decision you make. Again, congratulations.

There are going to be people who criticize you, make fun of you, and talk behind your back.

“They think they’re better than us”, they whisper.

“They are making this lifestyle change too dramatic, they’ll give up soon”, they say as you turn your back from the free cake someone brought into the office.

“They’re obsessed”, your family scoffs as you return to the gym for another evening working out or stop by the store for ingredients instead of hitting up a drive-thru.

They’ll have a 1,000 things to say about you to make themselves feel better and to put you down.

But don’t listen. Let it roll off your back. You’re doing this for you, your health, and the others in your life who depend on you.

Keep. Moving. Forward.

To the critic:

You may not understand right now, you may be laughing at me and us and angry at the words I’ve written, but know, you can do it, too.

You have the power and the strength to change your life as well. There are obstacles and excuses and we’ve all used them. But work through those obstacles, evaluate your priorities, and think about what you’d rather enjoy; sugar and conveince today or health for a multitude of years to come.

I belive in you, too, critic. I believe that you can better your health and live life that encompasses health, as defined by you.

Instead of critiquing, how about asking? Ask why the person changing their habits is doing what they’re doing. Ask why they gave up cable to spend the money on a gym membership. Ask why they decided to bring their own meal to the family or company dinner. Ask them how they made it and why it’s good for them.

I’ve written this blog from personal experience, practitioner experience, and personal training experience.

The pain from others remarks and jokes is one that isn’t easily forgotten.

There are many things that make us, those who choose health, different; one of the biggest being that we don’t give up.

We push forward, through the plateaus, through the unanswered questions, through the tears.

We are different and a difference that doesn’t need explaining or defending. We are who we are and that’s a beautiful, wonderful choice. To those who don’t understand, one day you will, and you’ll wonder why it took you so long to decide to put your health as a priority in your life.

I encourage you to think about taking that step today.

For more information on nutritional therapy, questions, or further discussion, please feel free to contact me at katie@naturallykatie.com or find me on Instagram and FaceBook.

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