Growing Pains, Updates, and What You Need

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Where have I been this week?

Remember being an awkward middle schooler?

On top of the sudden body oder, braces, and trying to fit into the coolest trends, your body literally aches with what your mom always dubbed “growing pains”.

That’s me!

Not just the fact that I’m a liiiiittle dorky and awkward, but I’m in a small season of growing pains.

Thankfully, unlike the agony of middle school growing pains, I’m actually enjoying these.

If you follow my FaceBook, you’re familiar with my “2 Minute Tuesdays”, like this one:

I religiously upload these every Tuesday and they are one of my favorite things to do for Naturally Katie.

Not only did I miss “2 Minute Tuesday” this week, I haven’t been uploading posts on social media to the volume that I normally do, nor did I post a blog since last Friday.

So unlike me!

But, since you all are like family, here’s a little update.

Here’s What’s Going On:

  • Pouring the Usual Personal Attention into Each of My 1-on-1 Clients
  • Developing Programs to Better Help YOU!
  • Finishing Up Yoga Teacher Training
  • Growing Mine and My Husband’s Gym
  • Tailoring My Content to Be More of What YOU Need

Those are just a few of the amazing things going on in my life. Some I can’t even share yet (and can’t wait to)!

Here’s Some Exciting News:

I’m in the process of creating content that is going to further assist you with your natural, nutritional journey.

I have ideas galore and am SO excited to roll  these out for you!

A little birdie also told to me to watch out sometime within the next week or two for an awesome free offer. I’d sign-up in a heart beat!

Finally, after a jam packed schedule since January…


You can learn more about what Nutritional Therapy is and what I offer here 🙂

I can’t wait to work with you!

Here’s What I Need From You:

Finally, to continue providing you amazing, free content, I need to hear from you:

If you’re loving the free content I provide (and especially if you’re not), if you’d do me a favor and take less than 5 Minutes out of your busy day to fill out this short survey:

Yes! I’d love to share some insight with you through a brief survey!


Nutritionist Hurricane WV

I am continually grateful for your patience with content as I work to grow all that Naturally Katie offers.

It is my joy, heart’s desire, calling, and pleasure to teach each of you.

Thank you for following along on this journey and I hope to help each of you meet your natural, nutritional lifestyle goals.

You’re in charge of the rest of your life. Start making the changes you want and need today.

In love and health,


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Disclaimer: None of this information is intended to diagnose or treat any type of illness or disease. Always consult with your physician before making any decisions regarding your health. 

Most images included in my blogs are taken, edited, and owned by me. They are not to be used elsewhere without proper permission.

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