Legal Pads, Best Buy, and Lettuce Wedges: Monthly Favorites May 2017

Organic Salad

Welcome to this month’s edition of my monthly favorites!

In my monthly favorites I include things like:

kitchen gadgets, books, food, personal care products, yogi life, my favorite snacks, products, or sayings.

Basically, whatever floats my boat for the month.

Let’s jump on in!


Lettuce Wedges

I wish I was kidding when I say I probably ate 12 lettuce wedge/salads in the duration of a week out of the month of May.

I had one and then my body just kept craving them, so I obliged (quite willingly).

The icing on the cake, so to speak, was the dressing. I don’t normally eat bleu cheese (although I love it!) because I’ve found it can sometimes serve as a cross-reactor to gluten in my body, but Tessemae’s bleu cheese has got it goin’ on! After a bottle or two of the bleu cheese, I switched to the ranch (it’s even dairy free!)

Healthy Ranch Dressing

In my Wedge/Salads I Included the Following:

  • Iceberg Lettuce or Romain Hearts
  • Organic Red Onion
  • Free-Range Grilled Chicken
  • Avocado
  • Cauliflower Rice (Because why not add it to everything?)
  • Tessemae’s Bleu Cheese or Ranch Dressing

Sounds simple and ordinary, but I was looooving it. Although I haven’t been craving it the last week or so, I have all the ingredients stowed away in the fridge, just in case 😉

Brain Octane

Not going to lie, I thought this BulletProof Brain Octane was a little foo-foo when it came out a few years ago. Especially when I tried a different brand of MCT oil and experienced, well, less than pleasant bathroom trips.

I finally took the plunge and invested in Brain Octane at the end of April. I’ve worked myself up to about a Tablespoon or more every morning and I’m officially a believer. My mental clarity has been much better (aside from a little forgetfulness…that’s just my personality :p ) and the energy is pretty rad.

Little info on what Brain Octane is:

Brain Octane is a concentrated dose of MCTs. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride(s). This means that your body can bypass much of the usual digestion of these fast-acting fats and use them quickly for long-lasting, fueling energy.

I highly recommend giving Brain Octane a try.

(And if you’re local, you can find it at HealthSmart Teays Valley)

Strawberries and Blueberries

Organic Strawberries and Blueberries

I’m a budget queen and do you know what often doesn’t fit into my budget? fresh, organic berries.

Except for this time of year when they go on sale! Can I get an amen, hallelujah?!

I’ve been enjoying some berries as an “I’m cooking dinner and need something to nibble on” snack and post hot-yoga during my teacher training weekends.

Berries are low in sugar, contain vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, and combined  with a little So Delicious CoCo whip you have a delicious, mostly healthy, dessert 🙂

Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers

Also associated with this time of year is fresh flowers.

I LOVE fresh flowers. They make me smile, make me happy, and add such a beautiful, light energy to my workspace.

Whether they’re wild or store-bought, I’m obsessed with them and never want my house to be without them.

What’s your favorite flower?


Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

Natural Makeup

I only have one beauty favorite this month as I’ve already mentioned what I’m loving and my routine hasn’t really changed.

The 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream is essential. It’s also magical.

My eyes were so puffy I could barely get my contacts on the other morning. Apply this eye cream, wait 10 minutes or so, and boom! My eyeballs are awake and ready for the day.

Does it claim to banish wrinkles? Not that I’m aware of; but I have noticed the, uh, slight signs of being in my mid-twenties around my eyes, have gotten better. Maybe it’s unrelated? I’m not sure, but I’d believe its directly related and I’m going to stick with it.


Intermittent Fasting

I’ve practice IF off and on for a few years now but after feeling like my body needed that again this month, I’ve been doing it consistently again.

There are all kinds of ways to practice Intermittent Fasting. I’ll briefly, briefly explain how I do it.

  • I fast, completely, for at least 10-12 hours. After that, I will break my fast with my morning Apple Cider Vinegar and Glutamine, then about an hour later, I consume a warm beverage (coffee, bone broth, tea) with only protein and fats (and maybe a smidge of a whole food sweetener). I then eat my first meal within the next few hours when I feel hungry.

Again, there are many ways, but this is what works for me (and I even hesitated on mentioning it because its bound to be “wrong” in someone’s eyes.)

Taking Walks

Katie Smith Hurricane WV

Justin posed me outside of a cool door on a walk around Parkersburg, WV a couple weeks ago.

Now that the weather is becoming more and more beautiful, Justin and I have been able to enjoy some walks together. Just around towns, in our favorite antique stores, or finding a place to sit down and talk.

Walking is a great, relaxing form of exercise that most anyone can do.

If you’re struggling to get into an exercise routine try starting with 1, 20-Minute Walk a week. Bump it up to 2, eventually 3, and you’ll be well on your way to developing an awesome, healthy habit.

Legal Pads

Justin has been using legal pads for forever but I recently jumped on the train.

Nothing special here; I just use it for taking client notes, extensive to-do lists, and brainstorming 🙂

Best Buy

Best Buy, how I love to hate you.

Remember my budgeting? Full disclosure: my husband and I have one, one credit card. And it’s to Best Buy.

Why? Because they have amazing same-as-cash financing options. I’ve paid this card off multiple times for my business needs, but Justin and I just added some more goodies to the Naturally Katie technology list. Just wait, you’ll be seeing some changes soon, and I believe they’ll be totally worth the investment 😉

Well, friends, there ya have it! My May Favorites!

These are some of my favorite blog posts to write and read from others because they’re relaxed and fun and I can let a little more of my personality shine through my words. I’ve often had friends tell me when they read some more of my relaxed blogs, they can almost hear me saying the words (in my awesome West Virginia accent 😉 )

I hope you all had an amazing month and I’ll be taking notes (on my legal pad) of what I’m loving for June’s edition!

Click here for last month’s favorites!

Talk to you soon 🙂

In love and health,


naturally katie hurricane wv

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