Coffee: Should You Drink it? and My Favorite Recipe

The liquid gold that gets us up and ready for the day.

You can find coffee in every town, mall, gas station, and Instagram feed.

So what’s the big deal with coffee? Why are we obsessed with it?

Should YOU be drinking it?

One of the reasons I decided on the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program was their belief that everyone is bio-individual.  

This means that some of my clients are fine drinking coffee and some aren’t.

It’s easiest to say who shouldn’t drink coffee. Or, who should experiment with cutting it out of their diets.

If you answer 2 or more of the following with “yes”, I’d suggest one of two things:

self experimentation with cutting coffee


work on healing the gut with someone like myself.

(Imbalances and symptoms in the body, generally, alllll begin in the gut. Ask any of my clients what we address first for any of their problematic symptoms and their answer will be gut health.)

Do You:

  • feel you need to drink coffee to begin your day
  • feel you need coffee to “adult” or “be a human”
  • crash early afternoon and reach for your second cup
  • experience shakiness, dizziness, or increased heart rate afterward
  • immediately run to the bathroom
  • experience constipation
  • find yourself in a fog
  • increased  joint pain
  • feel your tummy rumble
  • find it difficult to fall asleep at night or wake frequently
  • feel unrested in the morning
  • have an autoimmune disease diagnosis

Disclaimer: some of the above can also be caused by consuming other types of drinks/food; therefore, if you cut coffee and still experience some of these negative symptoms you most likely have additional food sensitivities. I’d suggest contacting someone who specializes in holistic gut health, (like me!) to help you work through this (not a sales pitch.)

Coffee provides the body “false energy”. By ingesting caffeine we signal all sorts of things to our bodies. Coffee (and caffeine, in general) can lead to burnt out adrenals, using coffee to get through the day, and create dependancy.

How to Cut Coffee:

If you answered 2 or more of the following with “yes” you’re wondering what to do next (or crying deep within yourself that maybe coffee is causing a problem for your body!)

If You are a “Type A” Personality:

You’re going to want to go all in and cut it out cold turkey and, by all means, do so.

Cutting Coffee Cold Turkey:

  • Substitute your morning cup with something like a caffeine free herbal tea. Dandelion root is a great option as it has an earthy, bitter taste much akin to what you’re used to. I have a recipe using it as a base here.
  • Support your detoxification with some of these tips.
  • Be prepared for possible headaches and fatigue.

If You Cut Coffee Gradually:

  • Follow the advice above, but rather than cutting coffee completely, try this:
  • Cut coffee consumption in half  i.e. If you drink 24 ounces a day, cut back to 12 ounces
    •  If you’ve been drinking coffee for years, try replacing half of your total ounces consumed in a day with caffeinated tea first (leaving the other half, particularly what you’d consume when first getting up, as your regular coffee.) Gradually wean yourself to half coffee, half caffeine-free tea. Then half caffeinated tea, half caffeine-free leading to only consuming caffeine-free tea and the end goal being only water. *I hope the wording in this isn’t confusing. It was difficult to write.

Do You Have to Cut out Coffee for Forever?:

No! Especially if you work on healing your gut and find yourself able reintroduce a cup or two without negative side-effects.

I went from drinking a cup of coffee almost every morning to cutting it out completely for 9 months while working on my gut health! (Don’t worry, my Celiac’s Disease is a huge reason why my gut healing took so long 😉 )

Now, I can happily enjoy multiple cups a week with no problems. If I experience any of the side-effects above, am dehydrated, or go through a period of stress, I limit myself. Mom always said distance makes the heart grow fonder 😉

If have no issues drinking coffee or have successfully reintroduced it, here’s the type of coffee you should be looking for.

What Type of Coffee to Drink:

Coffee beans are highly susceptible to mold. Throughout college I could have given two hoots about what kind of coffee I drank. My dad is a Folger’s man so that’s what I drank. To me, Starbucks was fancy coffee and “the best”. That’s until I became more educated about how coffee beans are processed and the overall difference in quality of food.

I only, and you should only, be drinking responsibly processed (generally organic) and/or BulletProof brand coffee.

I linked this article above but here it is again if you’d like to read a little more about the science behind coffee bean processing. My blog is more about giving you practical ways to apply nutrition and holistic lifestyle to you, personally. I leave most science to the science guys 😉

What you put in your coffee also matters, you’ll see that in my recipe below.

My Favorite Recipe:

10 ounces of French Pressed, BulletProof Brand Coffee

Healthy Fats:

2-3 Tablespoons of Grass-Fed Whipping Cream

2 Tablespoons of Kerrygold Butter

1 Tablespoon BulletProof Brain Octane


1 Scoop Vital Proteins Vanilla Whey Protein

1 Scoop Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

*The above are my Vital Proteins affiliate links. If you use these links to make a purchase I will receive a portion of the sale at no additional cost to you.  Naturally Katie is also an authorized dealer so I sell these products out of my office in Hurricane, WV.


A Smidge of Local Honey (Maybe a Teaspoon more if you want it)


I add cinnamon for flavor but you could add extra vanilla, too.


Maple for Honey: Flavor preference

Ghee for Butter: For those omitting diary

Less Brain Octane: start sloooow with brain octane, like 1/2 Teaspoon, and gradually work to increase.

You may be thinking, wow that’s a lot, especially a lot of fat! Remember when I said everyone is a bio-individual? Personally, I enjoy intermittent fasting  combined with my coffee in the morning. My body is also fat-adapted, meaning my body uses fats as its primary fuel rather than carbohydrates. You’ll notice the only carbohydrate source in my coffee is the small amount of honey. This is intentional. This coffee is also heavily loaded with MCTs: fast acting, fueling fats for the body! If you have more questions about healthy fats, check out my blog here or feel free to email me at with additional questions.

dog and coffee

Penny loves a morning cup of joe, too 😉

So, should you be drinking coffee or not?

Comment below and let others know they aren’t alone in the struggle of cutting coffee.

Especially comment if you’re one of my clients who has “hated” me for nixing it from your diet (only to love me more later 😉 ).

Thank you all again for reading along!

In love and health,


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