The Fat That Doesn’t Make You Fat

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Does that say “Healthy Eats” or “Healthy Fats”, vote below!

You read that right, the fat that doesn’t make you fat.

For years many of you have been misled and tricked into believing that fat is “bad” for you; that it makes you fat, that it’s the root of your health problems.

I’m here to state that, indeed, fat is good for you. If it’s the correct type of fat, that is.


As human beings, we have a tendency to label things as “good” and “bad”.

Instinctually and socially, we place things of all kinds into either of these categories. Sometimes fats are bad, sometimes it’s carbs, and, well, sugar is always bad for you 😉 .

Fat Facts

  • Fat is the Heart’s Preferred Source of Fuel
  • Healthy Cell Membranes are Built from Healthy Fats
  • Fat is a More Sustainable and Effective Fuel for Athletes than Carbohydrates
  • The Consumption of Fat Releases the Hormone Cholecystokinin, Triggering Satiation
  • My Favorite: Fat Makes Food Taste Good!


For decades, advertising and skewed research has told the American population that they should refrain from fats; promoting skim milk, fat-free cheeses, and low-fat, processed snacks. But what they really should have said, was steer clear of certain kinds of fats….

Good vs. Bad

I could spend a couple of hours working on this section! But today, we’ll be focusing on margarine vs. butter

If you’re interested in more of what makes a fat good or bad, or why you should stop using canola oil, be sure and register for my 6 week lecture series beginning January 7th!


  • Zero Nourishing Benefits
  • Two Steps Away from Being Plastic
  • Rancid
  • Added Ingredients and Food Coloring (margarine, naturally, is gray)
  • Flies Aren’t Even Interested (now that should tell ya somethin’…)


  • Rich in Vitamins D,E,A,K
  • Grass-fed Butter is High in CLA, a Fatty Acid that Actually Helps You Burn Fat!
  • Fantastic Balance of Omega-3s and Omega-6s
  • A Source of Healthy Cholesterol
  • High in Medium Chain Fatty Acids (yay for energy and quick absorption!)

Butter is created by cows, Margarine is created in a lab…

Now tell me which one you’d rather top your vegetables with?

Other Sources of Healthy Fats:

Omega-3 Omega-6 Saturated Monounsaturated Polyunsaturated
Fish Oil Evening Primrose Butter Avocado Flax Seed Oil
Chia Seeds Sunflower Oil Coconut Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Pumpkin Seeds
Walnut Black Currant Seed Palm Oil

This is only a simple chart of some healthy fat options! And this blog is only scratching the surface about fats in general!

As I said, if you’re interested in learning more, “The Truth About Fats” is a lecture in my 6 part series starting January 7th! The cutoff for the package deal and the goodies that go along with it ends January 1st, so register today!


Avocados, one of the of my favorite sources of monounsaturated fats, top so many of my meals! They are so diverse you can even mix them in smoothies! I love avocados so much that I’ve partnered with Avocado Shirt Co. to offer my readers a special 15% off coupon code!

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Thank y’all again for reading and learning with me! If you have any questions, comments, or requests, please feel free to message me at

From reading this, I know hope you know you don’t have to fear fat!

Fat is my favorite way to add flavor and satiation to a meal, not to mention it gives me the most sustained, lasting energy! My energy levels far outlast any carbohydrate ridden meal.

If you’re still unsure of which types of fats are right for you or if you need help learning how to properly digest your fats (i.e. if you have sluggish gallbladder or have had it removed) please take advantage of my FREE offer to you, a 20-Minute Nutritional Therapy discovery consultation or call.

To book your free, 20-Minute Nutritional Therapy discovery consultation/call where we establish if Nutritional Therapy is right for you, email me at

In love and health,


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