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3 Easy Detox Tools that Leave You Feeling Energized and Refreshed

Detox is quite a buzz word these days.

Often a detox is thought of as a special cleanse but the truth is you body is always detoxing!

Your body is magnificent. Truly amazing. Each day it takes the hundreds of thousands of millions of nasties you ingest, inhale, and absorb and works to rid of them.

Even though your amazing body can work wonders all by itself, it doesn’t mind a little help here and there.

Let’s talk about how to help your body detox.

1. Dry Brushing


What is It?:

Dry brushing is old natural healing method that increases the circulation of blood and lymph throughout the body. In short this means that dry bushing helps to manually tell otherwise, somewhat stagnant, lymph to get moving and get gone. Not only does it encourage circulation of the lymphatic system, but it cosmetically benefits the skin as well; removing dead skin cells and even possibly helping to get rid of some of that bothersome cellulite.

How to Dry Brush:

Dry brushing is really simple. Start by purchasing a dry brush like this one. Take your dry brush and begin at the feet, brushing up toward the heart in short, brisk strokes, approximately 6-10 strokes in one area before moving to the next. Continue working your way up the body (skipping the backs of the knees and face) not forgetting the armpits, palms of the hands, and bottoms of the feet.

Pro Tip:

Dry brush before getting into your morning shower. You’ll feel a burst of energy and showering off immediately after will help all the toxins you’ve stirred up go straight down the drain.

If you’re wanting to read a little more on dry brushing, my fellow NTP friend has a nice blog all about it here: callbellsbarbells.


2. Tongue Scraping


What is It?:

Tongue scraping is an ancient Ayurvedic recommendation that is easy, peasy to do each morning and night! By scraping your tongue, especially in the morning, you’re clearing off a layer of toxins your body worked hard to put there throughout the night. Once you start tongue scraping, you may notice a white film that disappears with time. This is a sign of a healthier body! When I first started tongue scraping one of the first changes I noticed was that my morning breath was less and less each morning!

How to Tongue Scrape:

Simply take a copper (only copper) tongue scraper, like this one , and start at the back of your tongue. Slowly and gently scrape forward toward the tip of your tongue. You can continue to scrape a few times, I usually do 3, rinsing between each. If you’re interested in more details about holistic dental care, I have a blog all about it: here.

Pro Tip:

Keep your tongue scraper right with your toothbrush so you’re more likely to use it each time before you brush your teeth. I clean mine every few days with toothpaste and warm water.


3. Warm Lemon Water


What is It?:

Well, it’s just what it sounds like, warm water with lemon juice.

Warm lemon water first thing in the morning (after tongue scraping and brushing your teeth) helps to flush the liver, rehydrate the body, and stimulate the colon (all imperative to detox).

How to Make Warm Lemon Water:

My favorite way to make warm lemon water is to put filtered, spring water on the stove in my tea kettle. After it’s warmed, I pour 8-10 ounces in a glass. I then add 1-2 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice. Easy as that!

Pro Tip:

Add 1 scoop of Vital Proteins collagen to your water for a tasteless way to add 9 grams of protein! Collagen also aids in healing the gut, balancing the hormones, AND beautifying the skin.




With simple, easy detox tips like the ones I’ve listed, you’ll have no excuse not to help your body out a little 😉 .

If you perform these 3 steps daily your body will thank you.

When your body is better able to detox you’ll feel more energetic, lighter, and refreshed.

Who doesn’t want that?

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Toxic Ingredients in Your Personal Care Products and 5 Things You Should Switch First

“Myth – The government prohibits the use of all dangerous chemicals in personal care products, and companies wouldn’t risk using them.

Fact – With the exception of color additives and a few prohibited substances, cosmetics companies may use any ingredient or raw material in their products without government review or approval (FDA 2005). Whereas the European Union has banned more than 1,000 ingredients from use in cosmetics, the FDA has only prohibited the following (FDA 2000a):….

The above is a quote from my favorite website to check the toxicity of my personal care products: EWG.org/skindeep

What we put on our skin is just as important as what we put into our bodies.

Often, personal care products that are marketed as making our lives better and easier are actually harming us. Many personal care products contain parabens, phthalates, and heavy metals. I am no expert in this, just aware, so for a more comprehensive list check out this article on “Chemicals of Concern”

Did you know that parabens alone can throw off the endocrine system? Affecting libido, thyroid function, and reproductivity! In 2013 I personally experienced negative side-effects from parabens and over the years have discovered many others have as well.

As soon as I discovered that the roots of multiple issues I was having could be found in my shampoo bottles, face wash, and lotion, I immediately switched.

The switch can get costly so I slowly replaced, one-by-one, each product that was hurting me.

This is a great option, but ideally I would have made the entire switch all at once, but sometimes circumstances (like being newlyweds still in college) dictate otherwise.

If you’re just starting the switch today, here are my top 5 picks to start with:

1. Toothpaste

An easy, less expensive, and every day product that leads to repeated exposure. Growing up we were a Crest family, oh gracious, can’t believe I used that all those years. And contrary to popular belief, fluoride is NOT good for you. For more on holistic dental care, check out one of my previous blogs here.

2. Shampoo

Another frequently used product that gets doused on the crown of our head. How much do you love those sudsy bubbles when you lather your hair up? It’s too bad that the chemicals used to create that lather are far from good for you (although incredibly fun). The sudsing agent many of us equate to the cleanliness of our hair is created from Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS). This culprit is a leading danger in most of our shampoos.

“SLS is possibly the most dangerous ingredient a consumer can find in most shampoos. So potent is SLS, studies have linked it to serious skin and scalp irritation and disease, hair loss and damage and the ability of the chemical to create nitrate compounds which have been linked to cancer and cell damage.
SLS is often disguised by a variety of chemical names such as diethanolime) (DEA, triethanolamine (TEA) and monoethanolamine (MEA). All are common in almost all shampoos. ”

I couldn’t have said it better, Morrocco Method. For more in depth on this subject, check out this blog by my favorite haircare (and the only brand I trust on my scalp) here.

3. Deodorant

Aluminum in deodorant can clog the lymph nodes under the arm, which is no bueno. The lymphatic system is a master detox system, sending toxins on the highway out of the body. Ever notice your lymph nodes getting swollen and tender when you’re sick…think the same concept, but this time, instead of infection or bad little sick bugs, your deodorant is mucking things up.

Not to mention the many synthetic fragrances that we slather on our underarms. They are labeled “synthetic” for a reason…because they aren’t real. Any time a product lists “synthetic fragrance” or just “fragrance” on their product, exercise caution. These are sneaky little words that can pack a powerful punch. Look for products that are scented with essential oils instead.

4. Feminine Hygiene Products

Sorry fellas, the last two here are going to be more for the ladies.

Let’s face it gals, for one week out of the month we are forced to find a sanitary way to stay, well, sanitary.

When I tell women some of what is in their pads and tampons they’re often shocked! And think about it, not even just a pad, but a chemical filled tampon you are inserting directly into your body! For hours at a time! I can’t remember the last box of Tampax I bought and I hope soon enough you won’t either.

There are two leading options when it comes to holistic period care: organic cotton pads and tampons and silicon cups. Let me be honest, I haven’t gotten brave enough for the silicon cups yet, but I know women who have and they love it or hate it. For now, I play it safe and use a brand called NatraCare. Side note of caution, if you have celiac disease, Seventh Generation uses wheat in their pads. They’re not a bad option, but obviously for me and anyone like me, that’s a no go.

5. Make-Up

I went years without wearing makeup and nail polish because of the ingredients found in the leading brands. Not to mention my face is already acne prone, so putting toxins on top of that was only making the situation worse.

I know as a woman I don’t need makeup to be beautiful, but it sure does help to feel that way sometimes! I researched organic and natural companies for quite some time before deciding on a brand. I chose 100% Pure for their integrity, quality, and holistic approach (not to mention their beautiful packaging!)

We are putting makeup on the most vulnerable skin on our body, near the eyes, and directly in the mouth (think about how often you “eat” your lipstick and lipgloss)

Choose a make-up company that cares about what is in their products in addition to how well the products perform and their impact on the environment. Not ones filled with lead, formaldehyde, and siloxanes.

I mentioned a few companies above with their links, but if you’re interested in more of the products I use, check out my Amazon Store and other links on my “Products I Love” tab.

I have such a passion to educate others not only on nutrition but a holistic lifestyle as well.

This lifestyle is one that encompasses full circle because our bodies depend solely upon us to take care of it in all aspects of life. If you’re just getting started on your natural, nutritional journey, please don’t be overwhelmed! It took me years upon years to learn this much and I still yet have so much more to learn!

I hope I’ve taught you a little something today and that maybe the light bulb has gone on for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at katie@naturallykatie.com. You can also find me on Instagram and FaceBook.

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The Most Common Nutritional Deficiency in America

Water, water everywhere all the drops to drink!

Are you one of the millions of American citizens who are dehydrated?

It’s hard to believe in a nation with some of the cleanest, most available water that it is the most common nutritional deficiency.

What does water do?

Water is the forgotten macronutrient, but is imperative to proper, healthy bodily function.

Here are a few of its roles:

  • Regulates body temperature
  • Cushions bones and joints
  • Flushes toxins
  • Transports nutrients
  • Improves cell-to-cell communications

Without adequate water intake, the body cannot properly perform nor can it stay energized throughout the day. It not only acts like a lubricant to the joints, but keeps our skin looking clear, and in imperative to sending toxins out of the body! If you experience achy joints, dry skin/problematic skin, or notice your urine colored a dark yellow, try upping your intake.

How much should you drink? 

So, water is great, right? But how much should you be drinking?

A simple, effective equation to use is:

Your body weight / 2 = ____oz.

For example: 150lbs / 2 = 75oz of water

75oz of water is the equivalent of a little over a half gallon, or approximately 5, 16oz bottles of your favorite water.

This number does not take into account your daily consumption of diuretics or exercise. If you partake in either, you’ll need to add even more water into the equation (pun intended, as always). If you need additional help finding the ideal amount of water for your nutrition/physical goals, that is something I can help you with through one-on-one nutritional therapy.

But is all water created equal? Of course not…because that would be easy….

What kind of water?

First, plastic is a different topic for a different day, but just know glass > plastic in everything.

Spring water is my preferred source of water because it is naturally “processed”, contains essential minerals, and is wonderfully tasty.

Justin and I are blessed to have a spring on our property, but as most individuals are not, buying spring water from the store is a great option. Or! Even better, you can filter your own water through the Berkey (check out this blog post for a little more on the Berkey) and add my favorite mineral drops to it! Then you can add it to an awesome stainless steel water or glass water container and drink up!

The minerals in your water will also help your body “hold” on to the water you drink and utilize it, versus you just going to the bathroom every half an hour.

If you must purchase plastic, bottled water, I love this brand: Penta


And as a little bonus here is a short list of diuretic beverages for you reference:

  • Coffee
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Dandelion Root Tea
  • Other Herbal Teas
  • Kombucha
  • Fruit Juices
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Some Medications

Thank you all for reading and I’ll be seeing you in the next one!

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 Some of these links may be affiliate links where I receive a percentage of the sale. This income helps to continue my blogging and business efforts. Thank you for supporting me.

Disclaimer: None of this information is intended to diagnose or treat any type of illness or disease. Always consult with your physician before making any decisions regarding your health. 


Holistic Tips for a Clean Mouth and Bright Smile

In my opinion, the best accessory one can have is a


So much is communicated through a simple smile: a hello, joy, laughter, radiance, attraction, to name a few.

Is the only way to a bright, healthy smile through toxic, chemical laiden products? Absolutely, not!

Keep reading for my favorite holistic dental hygiene products (that I’ve used and used and wholly approve.)

1. Toothpaste

A no brainer, right?

Growing up using the leading “name-brand” toothpastes, I had no idea what I was actually putting in my mouth. I like to apply the same rule to my personal care products as I do the food I put in my body…if I can’t pronounce an ingredient, I probably shouldn’t use it or at least be skeptical of it. Check out these ingredients that are often found in commercial toothpastes:

  • Triclosan. …
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) …
  • Artificial Sweeteners. …
  • Fluoride. …
  • Propylene Glycol. …
  • Diethanolamine (DEA)
  • Microbeads

Microbeads (don’t even get me started on their environmental impact), sulfates, some other tongue-twisting ingredients, and fluoride (that we’ve always been taught was good for our teeth…)

Now let’s check out the ingredients in my favorite toothpaste:

  • Purified water
  • Food Grade Redmond Clay
  • xylitol
  • peppermint essential oil
  • Redmond Real Salt
  • tea tree oil

All ingredients I can pronounce! Xylitol can be a tricky one, but I promise it’s nowhere near the off-limit’s zone as propylene glycol is, and if you’d like to steer clear of xylitol, check out the spearmint flavor.

I’ve been using EarthPaste for years now and my teeth always feel superbly clean after brushing. My breath is fresh, teeth feel like I’ve been to the dentist, and I know that I’m actually doing my teeth some good. Not to mention since using this, the sensitivity of my teeth has dramatically decreased.

My only caution would be to those who are pregnant due to the the Redmond Clay.*UPDATE* Directly from EarthPaste: “Just wanted to let you know that there are no contraindications with Redmond Clay and pregnancy. So pregnant women should feel safe and totally fine to use Earthpaste during pregnancy.” So, yay!

EarthPaste comes in a variety of flavors, peppermint just happens to be my favorite.

2. Tongue Scraper

Though some may be apprehensive to the thought of scraping their tongue, I can’t think of many better ways to kick bad breath to the curb!

Tongue scraping is an ancient Ayurvedic recommendation used for various reasons including gentle detoxification. And the best part? It’s super easy!

While we sleep, our body is doing some massive detoxification and regeneration. Often, we’ll wake up with a film on our tongue (most often a white color). This is where our tongue scraper comes in handy! Before you eat or drink in the morning, simply take your tongue scraper, place it at the back of the tongue, and gently pull forward, rinsing between uses.

Personally, I usually scrape mine about 3 times both morning and night before brushing my teeth. I purchased my tongue scraper from The Dirt or you can find a similar one on Amazon.

3. Teeth Whitening

I cringe at the thought that I once stuck chemical filled whitening strips on my precious teeth. These days, I use a simple, inexpensive way to a brighter smile.

Activated charcoal is currently all the rage for it’s detoxification and skin-clearing benefits. It’s also a great, gentle, non-sensitive way to polish those pearly whites!

All it takes is cracking open a capsule into the palm of your hand, sticking your wettend toothbrush in the charcoal, and spending a couple of minutes brushing as you’re used to! Take caution in your toothbrush will likely be stained a shade of black and you’ll probably prefer to do this at night because sometimes a little bits of black will be left in your gums around the teeth (not that I know from embarrassing experience or anything….)

I love the way this method gradually whitens my teeth. General recommendation is once a week for maintenance or a couple times a week (2-3 days apart) when beginning.


Bonus: Oil Pulling

I’m not going to explain all the benefits of oil pulling here, but it’s not only great for oral health (killing off all those little mouth bacterias) but it’s also a wonderful detoxification tool (notice a trending theme here with oral health and detoxification?)

Grab a 1/2-1 Tablespoon of coconut oil (sesame oil is even better, yay CoQ10!) and swish back and forth for 20 minutes. Spit into a trash can. DO NOT SWALLOW. and you’re finished!

Just a heads up (pun intended) sometimes oil pulling can cause a dull, detoxification headache. Be sure and drinks lots of quality H2O to assist the body in it’s efforts.


Other Dental Products I Love:

Tea Tree Floss


I’m not a mouthwash kinda gal, but if I were, this one would be the one.


Do you have any other fun dental, self-care rituals or products? Are you surprised about what ingredients are listed in commercial brands? Which of my tips are you going to try first?

Let me know! I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Also, don’t forget to connect with me on FaceBook and Instagram!