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3 Healthy Foods I Never Travel Without (and Neither Should You)

Traveling, especially with an autoimmune disease like Celiac’s Disease, can take quite a bit of planning.

Throughout the past year Justin and I have had more travel in our schedule than normal; between my schooling, picking up gym equipment in other states and weekend getaways, we’ve gotten the swing of packing down pat.

Yesterday morning we decided on a spontaneous trip to Parkersburg, WV. Parkersburg is home to our favorite state park, Blennerhassett Island, that opens for the 2017 season this afternoon! I’m currently editing this blog at the cute little local coffee shop right down the street from our hotel…I digress…

There are 3 healthy foods I never travel without and neither should you:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar:


What is It?:

I feel like the entire world has finally discovered apple cider vinegar. If you’re still unfamiliar with ACV, basically, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I drink apple cider vinegar ever day for it’s multitude of benefits. I could list them here, but a quick Google search is going to tell you everything you need to know.

I suggest Bragg’s Raw ACV with the Mother. I’ve seen a few other brands popping up as ACVs popularity grows, but Bragg’s is the original (at least to me) If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it. I’ve trusted it for years now and don’t plan on switching my brand loyalty any time soon.

Why I Travel With It:

I always travel with Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar because it covers multiple bases I might need while traveling. If I feel like I’m coming down with anything from a cold to the stomach virus, a few shots of apple cider vinegar will do the trick. I also carry it should I be cross-contimanted with gluten while eating out or indulging in a little excess. Finally, I take it at every meal at home and keeping up with at least some of my routines while I travel is important to me.

Pro Tip:

Carry your apple cider vinegar in a blue dropper bottle like this one. That way you don’t always have to carry the entire bottle (especially if you’re only going to be gone for a day or two) and it’s easy to transport into restaurants more discreetly. (Although, no shame in your ACV travel game *hair flip emoji*)

2. Ginger Kombucha and Gin-Gins:


What is It?:

If you’ve been following my Instagram page for any length of time you’ve probably realized that I have a kombucha problem. I’m totally not even afraid to admit it.

In short, kombucha is a fermented tea that contains probiotics. I drink kombucha regularly throughout the week so traveling without it would be strange.

I grouped the kombucha and gin-gins together because they both contain the potent, magical ingredient: ginger.

Why I Travel With It:

I travel with a ginger kombucha and gin-gins around for much of the same reason as apple cider vinegar: digestion. Having Celiac Disease means my digestive tract is very sensitive and ginger helps to soothe that. You’ll benefit from ginger regardless of if you have an autoimmune disease or not. Ginger kombucha is good to have on hand after those typical, indulgent travel meals. Anytime I’m feeling bloated or icky, I’ll crack a GT’s Gingeraid Kombucha open and sip away the discomfort.

Gin-gins are also great for digestion, easily carried in a pocket for traveling ease, aaaaand they’re great for motion sickness.

In addition to digestion, ginger is also anti-inflammatory. Traveling can lead to inflammation in one way or another (stress = inflammation) so ginger kills two bird with one stone.

Pro Tip:

While GT’s Gingeraide is my favorite kombucha for digestion and anti-inflammation, some of their other flavors are great for travel. Cosmic cranberry will provide a little oomph of energy often desperately needed while traveling and multi-green will aid in a little cleansing should you consume maybe, uhh, maybe some adult beverages or just too much sugar over the course of a few days. Citrus/lemonade flavor is also great for traveling, well, just because it’s happy and upbeat and traveling should have you feeling happy and upbeat.

3. Oatmeal:


What Is It?:

Not much explanation needed for oatmeal, I suppose. Grab oatmeal that is either already pre-packaged in individual packages or in tiny to-go bowls. I  buy the glutenfreeda variety pack in my bag for quick, easy breakfasts…cutting down on eating out or the luxurious expense of room service.


Oatmeal can easily be made in a hotel room with hot water from the coffee machine. Turn on the coffee machine, hot water in one of the hotel cups, add oatmeal, and boom! Quick, easy, yummy breakfast.

Pro Tip:

Bring along portable packs of almond butter and protein (I brought my favorite collagen and whey protein with us) to add to your oatmeal. This will help to keep your blood sugar balanced and belly filled for a day full of energetic, traveling fun. I have a recipe and explanation about my favorite way to make hotel oatmeal in my blog here (this blog also contains a hotel workout, extra fun!)

There ya have it!

I have some extra fun “stuff” coming up within the next few weeks and months so be sure to stay on the lookout! (You can also sign-up for my newsletter that will be debuting soon by going to my “Blog” tab and entering your information on the right 😉 )

I hope you enjoyed and will keep these 3 healthy foods in mind the next time you’re packing for a weekend getaway, your next business trip, or maybe just an overnight stay.

Until next time, I’ll see you later! I’m going to finish my coffee and head over to the Island for a fun day with my husband, riding bikes and enjoying the time away.

In health and love,


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