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Cauliflower, Probiotics, Road Trips: Monthly Favorites April 2017

Welcome to the first edition of my monthly favorites!

I’ve been looking to write a monthly favorites blog since the beginning of the year…better late than never, right?

In my monthly favorites I’ll be including things like:

kitchen gadgets, books, personal care products, yogi life, my favorite snacks, products, or sayings.

Basically, whatever floats my boat for the month.

Let’s jump right on in!


1. Carrot Cake

gluten free carrot cake

Let’s just get this one out of the way, shall we?

Growing up, carrot cake and spice cake were my faves. You can ask my mom. To me, there was nothing more divine than a Betty Crocker cake with fresh frosting. Mmm mmm mmm!

Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2011, neither have been easy to find gluten-free. That is until my favorite restaurant came through for me (yet) again: Bridge Cafe and Bistro.

Ashley crafted the most beautiful carrot cake that I just couldn’t resist! I’m not much of a sweet eater and don’t really tend to crave sugar, but I ate THREE pieces of that cake last month! THREE PIECES, I repeat!

While my pancreas was probably rather aggravated with me, it hung in there like a champ.

So, now that that confession is over, let’s move on…

2. Cauliflower Rice

cauliflower rice

I’ve been obsessed with cauliflower rice this month! I’ve put it on everything from homemade pizza to in my chicken salad! It’s just so easy and versatile! Here’s how I’ve been making it:

  • 1-2 Heads of fresh Organic Cauliflower “blended” in my Ninja Food Processor
  • Baking sheet, 425 degrees, 25-30 minutes

Boom. Cauliflower rice for all the things.

3. Sauerkraut

probiotics in foods

Sauerkraut is something I recommend to every client to keep in their fridge. It’s so handy, stays fresh in the fridge for what seems like forever, and the tang is just so yummy to me! Not to mention a nice little dose of some probiotics.

I want to venture into making my own, but for now my long-time love, Bubbie’s, will continue to do juuuust fine.

I use sauerkraut as its own side, to top my burgers, eat with my cauliflower rice, or as a snack anytime of day. People tend to think I’m extra weird because I really enjoy it alongside fried eggs and pulled pork for breakfast.

4. Butter

I’m pretty much always obsessed with butter, but I’ve gone through an excessive amount of Kerrygold this month.

I’ve been using it in my Bulletproof bone broth, topped on baked sweet potatoes, and pretty much eaten straight from the fridge. Maybe I’m craving high doses of Vitamin A,  regardless, I don’t mind the additional infatuation this month.


1. 100% Pure Honey Coconut Shampoo

green beauty shampoo

Good golly Miss Molly I feel like I’m on the beach every time I use this!

If you’ve been following along with my life now for some time, you’ll know my love for Morrocco Method. But! With this new blonde thing I have going on, it was time to find a new shampoo.

Of course, I checked out 100% Pure first and ordered the smallest size of this shampoo. One use and I fell in love. Did I mention I feel like I’m on the beach every time I use this? Oh, I did? Well, I’m saying it again, because the smell is so good that I’m almost convinced each time…then I hear a rooster crow and realize I’m still on the homestead….

In short, I love the shampoo and the conditioner and can’t wait to try out some others (kelp volumizing, I’m coming for you as soon as you’re back in stock..)

2. Meo Energetics: Advanced Focus

meo energetics advanced focus

Y’all. Do yourselves a favor and scoop. this. up. right. now. (You can order here online or I’m a retailer at my office as well.)

I’m not going to lie, I was a liiiiiittle iffy about these oils when I first learned about them (the claims just seemed too good to be true.) But having loved Lauren Geertsen (fellow NTP, owner of Empowered Sustenance, and Meo Energetics’ leading lady) I knew it was worth giving a try.

I’ve used Advanced Focus before my workouts, before meeting with clients, when I need a pick-me-up and before reading. I truly believe in it and it has impressed me time and time again. I won’t be without it…probably, like ever.

3. Owl Hollow Herbs Toner

all natural skincare

Maybe I’m partial to Owl Hollow Herbs because the amazing person behind the products is my cousin, but I think I’d love everything regardless.

Sarah crafted me a personalized toner for my acne prone skin. It’s sooooo good! (and she put it in a cute little bottle, what more could a girl ask for, right?)

If I’m remembering correctly there is rose, witch hazel, and calendula in my magical potion? Whatever it is, it’s amazing and I love it. Case Closed.

I love all of Sarah’s goodies because she makes them with quality ingredients and by hand. I know every single thing that goes into her products and I’m so thankful to be on the receiving end of her creativity and talent.


1. Call’s Meat Market


What? You don’t have a meat market on your favorites list?

Maybe you should do some reevaluating…

Really though, Call’s is a local meat market in my county and I’m SO glad so many people sent me there for grass-fed beef when I talked about the woes of not being able to find any quality sources around me! Not only did they have fantastic ground beef ( I even have a steak waiting for Justin to fix in the freezer ) but they had grass-fed soup bones and ox tail as well! What more could a real foodie, nutritionist ask for?!

The broth the bones made was superb and I’m super thankful for their friendly staff, local convenience, and the ability to have fresh, homemade broth back in my life.

2. Road Trips

wv state parks

Justin and I have taken a couple road trips this past month and they’ve made me so happy!

At the beginning of the month we found ourselves in Columbus, OH doing another gym equipment swap. While there I made my first Lululemon purchase, we enjoyed FlipSide burgers once again, and a quick trip to Whole Foods to top it off. It was a blast.

Secondly, which I just realized was on May 1st, but oh well, we went to our favorite WV State Park for an overnight getaway and the opening day of Blennerhassett Island. I’m sure you’re surprised that WV has an island, but yup! It’s smack dab, almost in the middle, of the Ohio River in Parkersburg, WV. It’s historic, relaxing, and Justin and I love riding bikes all around the island. It was such a fun little getaway.

3. Bento Box

bento box

Recipe to this Apple Crisp Chicken Salad went out to all my e-mail subscribers earlier today…be sure and subscribe for future inside scoops 🙂

I’ve been wanting a bento box for over a year now.

Justin and I both finally splurged on them while at the Container Store on our Columbus adventure.

Mine has been incredibly handy in packing my prepped meals and carrying in my lunch box. I love that I can carry separate meals, snacks, and I’ve even used an unoccupied tier for my ginger tea bag for after lunch.

The best part is that they are completely plastic free. Justin and I went plastic free about 3 years ago and haven’t gone back since. The stainless steel leaves me feeling good about the environment, being completely BPA free (just say no to estrogen mimickers), and it’s a quick, easy clean-up.

I also get this odd satisfaction of stacking all my tiers togethers and clamping them closed. lololol

4. BioDoph 7- Plus

What else would you expect me to end my monthly favorites with other than a probiotic supplement? #guthealth

My gut has been a little finicky this month so BioDoph 7-Plus has been a game changer.There’s not much to say about a probitioic; but in short, I’m digging it and it makes my bowels happy, happy, happy.

I hope you enjoyed the first of my favorites as well as a personal, little snippet of my life from the month of April.

You can start looking for these posts on the first Friday of every month.

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Until next time,

Nutritionist Hurricane, WV


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