5 Things You Can do to Begin Improving Your Health Today

Today is a day of firsts for me:

my first blog post on my first website for my first business that is all my own.

*oh, and totally hit wheel pose, unassisted, and crow pose for more than .5 seconds for the first time in my yoga practice this morning. High fives all around!

Whether you’ve been on your journey to health for years, months, weeks, days, or, maybe you’re just beginning to think about starting, I have 5 things for you that you can do to improve your health within the next 24 hours:

1.Eat Breakfast

Not Earth shattering news, right? But I don’t mean just any breakfast…

The Standard American Diet (SAD) leans toward a carbohydrate rich breakfast. We see commercials for sugar coated cereals, toaster pastries, and microwavable breakfast sandwiches. But when’s the last time you saw an avocado with turkey patties and sauerkraut for breakfast? Probably never.

What we eat for breakfast is just as important as why we eat breakfast.

Eating a breakfast based around quality proteins and healthy, quality fats (a much larger topic for a different day) not only gives us mental clarity and energy, but also helps to keep our blood sugar balanced throughout the day, making afternoon and evening cravings much less of a problem.

Maybe for you, starting with breakfast means just getting up and drinking a nutrient dense smoothie (I see you 9-5 parents, college students, and anyone else who either doesn’t have much of an appetite or time).

If you already eat breakfast, maybe that means adding a dab of grass-fed butter to your toast or swapping the toast for half an avocado (add a pinch of sea salt and thank me later).


2. Sit Down and Chew Your Food

I bet your mom told you this growing up, right?

This is one instance when you should definitely listen to her.

Digestion is a north to south process, so you have to ensure you do your part up north so that your body can do it’s thang farther south.

Having a meal is a luxury, enjoy it. Sit down, breathe, give thanks for your food, and chew it until its as close to liquid as you can get it (if it is liquid i.e. soup or smoothie…still chew. Just trust me).

Try and kick the grab-and-go habit or the eating at my desk habit, one meal at a time.

3. Find Your Breath

My MawMaw always tells me, “Katie, you need to stop and smell the roses.” Amen, MawMaw! We all do.

Even if you have to “go to the bathroom” to get away from everyone and everything around you, take just a few minutes to find your breath each day.

By taking the time to consciously breathe in, breathe out; breath in, breathe out, you are settling your body’s autonomic nervous system. This will help to reduce stress, make you more mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and help to clear the lungs of toxins. You’d be amazed at what a few 4-count breaths or taking a moment to admire the sunset can do for your physical and mental health.

4. Choose Water

And I don’t mean to just choose water over soda, I mean to choose water over your precious morning cup of joe as well. (For the record, I’m not a coffee hater, I’m a coffee lover. But a coffee lover on the occasion…) 

Water is invigorating, thirst-quenching, and necessary; therefore, hydration is an absolute foundation to overall health and wellness. It even makes up  55-60 percent of your total body mass!

Without proper hydration cells cannot properly communicate, toxins are not properly eliminated, and the skin can become dry. Some individuals see symptoms of headache, fatigue, and even asthma disappear with proper water intake. Do you need help finding the target amount for you? No worries I can help with that, too.

5. Evaluate Your Mindset

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t…you’re right” — Henry Ford

Wow…what powerful words! This quote always encourages me to double-check my mindset.

Be positive about whatever it is you’re doing or have set out to do.

“I can’t do this. It’s too hard. It’s impossible! I’ll never get anywhere.”

Well, ouch! Even that sentence feels negative. What about sitting down, grabbing a glass of water, taking a breathe, and saying to yourself:

“I can do this. It might be difficult, but I can overcome it. It starts today. Even with the smallest decision I can begin to make a change so I can start to see the change.”

Now thaaaaat’s more like it!

Evaluating our mindset is crucial to our overall health. Negative self-talk and negative emotions carry heavy weight and baggage into the body. Reframing your difficult circumstances (maybe that’s choosing that cup of water I was talking about over that 1st or 2nd cup of coffee 😉 ) can lead to a much better outlook on the day, leading to more positive changes over time.

You are a beautiful, unique, wonderful soul. You can do anything you put your mind to.
Now go out there! Sit and chew your protein and healthy fat centered breakfast,  drink that glass of filtered, delicious water, remember to take a step back and breath, and remember that you’re a lion in a pack of kitty cats.

You got this. One step at a time.

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What Is An NTP?

What is the world is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner?

An NTP is a paraprofessional certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association to perform Functional Evaluations in order to make specific nutritional recommendations for their clients. The goal with these recommendations are to balance the body chemistry by strengthening weaknesses in the foundations of health in order to better pursue and achieve optimal wellness. An NTP does not diagnose or treat disease.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is an integrative approach to wellness. The primary goal of nutritional therapy is to re-gain balance in the body by addressing nutrient deficiencies. Nutrient sufficiency is obtained through a properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole food diet, and it provides essential building blocks for the body to balance itself. Through carefully designed bio-individual dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations, along with sensible advice for adequate hydration, rest, and stress management, Nutritional Therapy promotes optimal health.

Consequently, body chemistry can be effectively balanced and dysfunction can be reduced or eliminated by this approach.

How does Nutritional Therapy work?

Nutritional Therapy (NT) is rooted in science that stems from both modern Western and traditional Eastern medicine. First, NT is based on the idea that our bodies are amazingly capable of restoring balance when given the right fuel. Therefore, a nutrient rich, properly prepared diet is at the heart of all recommendations.

The work of great nutritional pioneers like Weston A. Price, DDS, Dr. Francis Pottenger, MD, Royal Lee, DDS, and Melvin Page, DDS, provide supporting scientific evidence regarding the positive effect of a healthy diet on health. Their studies show that the consumption of a properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet paired with targeted, high quality supplements (used when necessary and for a short period), health can be completely restored at the cellular level.

When assessing a particular client’s nutritional needs, information is gathered from a confidential health questionnaire, a detailed food journal, the consultation interview, and a hands-on Functional Evaluation (for in person consultations only). Utilizing this information, a Nutritional Therapist is able to clearly answer the following important questions:

1) Are nutrient deficiencies present in the client?

2) What particular nutrient(s) will work to restore and balance the client?

3) When is the client sufficient?

Who will benefit from Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy benefits a wide range of individuals including children, adults, athletes, pregnant women, and the elderly. Whether you are dealing with a specific condition, a systemic problem, or an overall lack of energy, a nutrient-dense, properly prepared diet and healthy lifestyle modifications will help get you back to good health.

In my words:

As an NTP I work with you as an individual. I meet you where you are on your natural, nutritional journey and, together, we pave a path that is right for you and your body’s needs.

We begin by addressing the foundations and once beyond the foundations,
we focus on more specific details tailored for you.

Through paperwork, consultation, and, if given permission, a physical functional evaluation,
I learn more about you. Each of these steps provide me with keen insight about what your body needs to perform at its very best.

If you’d like more information on nutritional therapy
please feel free to contact me at katie@naturallykatie.com to set up a complimentary, 15 minute phone call.