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Trends You’re Not Missing Out On in Your Health Journey (No FOMO Here)

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Good golly, Miss Molly! It’s been awhile!

I’ve missed writing blogs this summer, but this season (figuratively and literally) has been a roller coaster of a ride! But I’m back and ready to rumble…

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet this summer, you’ll have noticed quite a few health and wellness trends.

With larger trends (like gut health, yoga, and buying organic produce), comes smaller trends like probiotic filled coconut yogurts, skinny teas, pink drinks, succulents, and loose-y goose-y yoga poses.

Social media makes it seem like eeeeeveryone is doing it! Heck, even my simplistic, I-try-not-to-be-too-trendy account can even create an acute case of #FOMO.

*Side Note*

I learned something else this summer: what #FOMO means.

I’m not going to lie, I had to google FOMO a few times before the definition finally stuck. If you’re living under a rock (like I was) FOMO stands for: Fear of Missing Out.

So, with all this content being created in the form of beautifully lit Instagram pics, half-naked workout photos, and how-do-you-make-your-food-look-so-good table spreads, you feel like you’re missing the mark on your health journey; but, I promise you, you’re not.

3 Health and Wellness Trends You’re Not Missing Out On (I Promise)

Before I start , and some of you get your feathers ruffled, I am not a smoothie bowl, avocado toast, or sweet set of abs hater…

I’m simply trying to prove the point that your health journey will not be affected by the absence of these health and wellness trends.

Here we go!

Smoothie Bowls:

First on the list of trends: smoothie bowls.

I personally struggled with smoothie bowl FOMO this summer. It seemed like every Instagram account I follow was posting some sort of gorgeous smoothie bowl lined with coconut shavings, almonds, granola, or additional fruit. The colors, the saturation, ah! why couldn’t create a smoothie bowl like that?!

I even *almost* caved into buying some granola I didn’t even want, alongside some overpriced almond milk, just to craft a bowl for a few photos.

Ya’ll, the power of social media at its finest. *le sigh*

If I almost fell into the “I have to keep up with social media smoothie bowl” trend, who am I to be telling you you’re not missing out?

To begin, I mean, I survived without a smoothie bowl this summer. Here are a couple more, albeit more legitimate, reasons that you’re not missing out.

1. Smoothie bowls often contain excess sugar.

While I have seen some awesome smoothie bowl recipes that contain less sugar, most smoothie bases contain upwards of 15-20+ grams of sugar!

Handfuls of fruit, especially fruit like bananas and mangos, tally up grams of sugar like a secret agent: quickly and inconspicuously. Sugar, especially in the morning, can affects many bodies negatively. I aim, and encourage my clients to aim, to stick around 20-30g of sugar a day. Over half that would be in your smoothie bowl alone!

If you’re an avid smoothie bowl maker and want to lessen the affects of the sugar in your body, try adding some high quality fats like coconut butter, almond butter, or avocados (trust me, you can’t taste it.) The additional fats in your smoothie will lessen the insulin response and slow digestion. That way you’re less likely to crash a few hours later.

Also try sticking to fruits lower in sugar, like berries. And don’t forget a handful or two of spinach for added micronutrients!

2. Smoothie bowls are cold, meaning they can inhibit proper digestion.

Our stomach needs to stay at a highly acidic ph level: 1.5-3, to be specific.

Smoothie bowls, while cool and refreshing on hot summer days, can inhibit proper digestion. The body has to work so hard to “warm” things up before it can get the chemical burn and churn party started!

If your morning or post-workout smoothie bowl is a must try at least chewing your smoothie. This will help to release salivary amylase (the digestive enzyme that helps break down carbohydrates [like the sugar from your fruit]) and help to warm the smoothie up a little before it hits the belly.


Avocado Toast:

#avotoast : the #foodie trend sweeping through healthy restaurants and personal kitchens alike. Typically photographed with an oozing egg yolk or Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Seasoning, this breakfast idea will make your mouth water like never before.

While avocado toast does a great job at promoting the healthy EFAs (essential fatty acids) in an avocado, what it neglects are the many of us struggling with compromised digestion. This lack of digestive oomph makes digesting bread, even gluten-free bread, a challenge.

And on a more practical note, avocado toast is messy! Geez, Louise!

Egg yolk dripping down your wrist (I mean, I’d lick it off…but I digress), crumbs on the counter, and trying to fit everything on that tiny little slice…I ain’t got time for that! (read: “ain’t” as an emphasis on a phrase, not for grammar)

If you do enjoy a little avocado or toast for breakfast, try this!

1. Sweet Potato Toast! 

Still a little trendy, okay…still a lot trendy but on a smaller scale. Sweet potato toast is a more digestive friendly alternative to toast! Sweet potato is also a complex carbohydrate and can provide more sustainable energy than a quick digesting, processed bread.

2. Breakfast Bowl

Grab a bowl and fill it with the toppings you’d regularly enjoy on your avocado toast!

My favorite way to add avocado to breakfast is with fried eggs, uncured bacon, and sauerkraut. Talk about mouth watering! Plus, no mess and minuscule carbohydrates (for those of you working on your adrenal fatigue and/or keto lifestyle)



I really think this is the most important trend to realize you’re not missing out on: abs.

While abs are, in my opinion at least, beautiful, they are not a true marker of your health.

A strong core is fantastic for posture, supporting the body, and preventing back pain, but abs do not equate health.

How many times have you looked in the mirror and beat yourself up because you don’t look like the girl in the Instagram photo or the trainer in the fitness video you saw scrolling on FaceBook? How many times have you compared yourself to the girl next to you in the gym?

If you’re struggling to remind yourself that abs are not a direct reflection of your success in health, please remember these two things:

1. Many of the people you see with chiseled abs genetically store their body fat in places that aren’t their midsection.

I’ve been in the gym lifting weights since 2010. It took me years to learn that my body distributed fat rather evenly, meaning, abs were a distant goal that I had to stop obsessing to reach!

Different bodies store body fat differently. Someone may have a ripped midsection but carry a little extra junk in the trunk.

Just like everything else in regard to your health journey, your body composition is bio-individual as well.

2. The athletic physiques you may admire are acquired through a strict lifestyle, one that is often career oriented i.e. fitness professional, fitness model, competitive athlete, etc.

You’re average and that’s okay! We’re average together!

Your life doesn’t revolve around the gym, hitting specifically targeted macros, or prepping for an intense competition. And that is perfectly okay.

Your body is meant to be nourished and strong and maybe carry a few pounds that an athlete’s might not. Your hormones will thank you, your mental clarity with thank you, and most importantly, I hope you thank you.

You’re beautiful and strong just the way you are, abs or no abs.


If you find yourself still in a FOMO crisis, hang tight. These trends will soon pass and 5 years from now things will have changed so much you probably won’t remember avocado toast or smoothie bowls…maybe you might remember abs, but ideal physiques change so rapidly that abs are likely to be a faded desire as well.

If you’d like to continue the conversation by telling me a trend you’ve had FOMO with, a trend I’m forgetting about, or what health looks like to you…comment below or find me over on my FaceBook and Instagram pages!

Follow along as I post fun tidbits, pictures of my dog, and I have heard my Instagram stories are quite the hit 😉

Until next time!

In love and health,

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